Eisenach: POPS und SOS Boogie and recordattempts 2017

Hello POPS and SOS jumpers,

after the worldpopsmeet where we find a lot of new friends and met old friends again, we are now looking forward to the first „Eisenach POPS/SOS Boogie and recordattempts“.

The plan:

Meeting on monday 9:00 in the hanger. Dieter Schwarz and Christoph Aarns will start briefing the groups. We will have our Supervan ( up to 20 skydivers ) and another one from wednesday. The main thing; we want to have happy skydives with friends!

If there is a record possible, the better.

Every jump will be with instructor/video, plus everything our DZ has to offer…… ( www.fallschirm-eisenach.de )

We are looking forward to see you.

Your DÄDALUS Team / Christoph

Date: 26th of June until 2th of Juli

Particcipants: POPS / SOS with the ability to approach a 4way safely…)

Orga fee: € 170,-

Registration: Per mail info@fallschirm-eisenach.de plus € 50,- deposit

Jumps: Dädalus regular prices plus € 3,- if using extra altitude or flying two plane formations.

Sparkasse Höxter BLZ 47251550  Konto Dädalus Nr. 2005320
IBAN:DE84 472 51550 0002 0053 20

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