World POPS Meet 2024

Das 16. „World POPS Meet and Championship“ findet vom 14. Februar 2024 bis 29. Februar 2024 in statt Villarrica, Chile statt.

14. bis 18. Februar 2024: International Water Accuracy Landing
14. bis 18. Februar 2024: Training
18. bis 29. Februar 2024: World POPS Meet

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16th World POPS Meet and Championship.

The dates for the 16th World POPS Meet and Championship being held in Villarrica, Chile are:

14th Feb 2024 to the 29th Feb 2024

The dates are part of an International Skydiving Festival. This includes an opportunity to compete in the International Water Accuracy Landing Competition being held on the 14th Feb to the 18th Feb 2024, followed by POPS, straight after on the 18th Feb to the 29th Feb 2024. The 14th – 18th Feb will also be doubling up as training days for the POPS.

Remember, all individuals must be current for the events they wish tocompete in. That means those who do not have currency in 4 Way FS/Speed Star (mainly, as most are able to do accuracy) prior to arrival, must do currency training before competing in POPS WPMC, this is a safety issue, that is always discussed at TOP POP meetings.

Further details and registration are in the works, and as soon as the team get the information to me, it will be posted on all POPS social media and websites.


Simon Donnelly

UK Top Pop #12

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